The Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI) is committed to improving international dialogue and exchange between policy experts to address some of the most pressing societal challenges of our time.

In many areas, Europe, the United States and Israel face the same challenges ranging from climate change and environmental degradation to the rise of disruptive technologies that raise fundamental societal questions. Thus, policy communities across national boundaries can benefit from increased exchange of perspectives, best practices, and lessons learned within and across sectors.

To that end, the Israel Public Policy Institute (IPPI) regularly brings together highly qualified international experts and practitioners from the public, non-profit and private sectors to exchange on best practices in their respective areas of expertise. In the framework of our events and workshops, we provide a space for policy experts to discuss initiatives and ideas, network with like-minded professionals from other countries, share their experiences and jointly develop innovative ideas to promote sustainable policies in their home-countries.

Our Workshops

Strategic Dialog Meetings (SDM)

As part of the Strategic Dialog Meetings, IPPI brings together leading policy experts to exchange with one another in a confidential manner. The aim of the format is to keep a stable channel for dialog and exchange between leading policy professionals from Israel and abroad.

Expert Workshops

Working closely with leading experts in Israeli and international public policy institutions, we develop practice-oriented workshops that provide the participants with relevant and practical tools to prepare for future developments in their areas of expertise. The direct exchange with specialists and colleagues from other countries serves to enrich the participants professionally, promote cross-pollination and foster an international network of like-minded and committed policy professionals.


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