Marie-Theres Sekwenz

Marie-Therese Sekwenz is a researcher working on law, regulation, platform governance and artificial intelligence (AI). Before joining the Sustainable Computing Lab as well as the Institute for Information Systems and Society, where she currently is employed, she worked in research projects associates to the Leibniz Institute for Media Research – Hans-Bredow- Institute (HBI) and the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society. Marie- Therese has a background in law, information systems and economics and studied at Vienna University of Economics and Business and the Graduate School of Management at St Petersburg. She has a rich professional background, ranging from journalism, to publishing and graphics as well as to cultural management. In her research, she explores issues connected to platform governance, freedom of speech, content moderation, targeted advertising, algorithmic bias, AI and platform design. Her recent work covers topics from regulatory transparency of online platforms and their regulation, the creation of a legal taxonomy for individual content governance decisions under German and Austrian law, deplatforming, the Facebook ad Library and means of transparency, platform reaction to COVID-19, targeted advertising, and algorithmic bias.

Digital Transformation