Maria Kottari

Maria Kottari holds a Ph.D. in International, European & Regional Studies focusing on Energy Politics. She has a wide range of expertise and network in subjects related to the EU and international politics and governance, energy/climate and environmental policies, sustainability, and social challenges. In 2015, she conducted short-term postdoc research at ADA University (Baku, Azerbaijan) on Green Economy & Energy Efficiency in the wider Caucasus region.

Maria worked for more than three years at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, focusing on energy transition and innovation. She supported science, research, and communication to successfully implement the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET Plan). Maria Kottari was also a part-time Research and Teaching Associate at the School of Transnational Governance of the European University Institute (Climate).

She has been involved in various initiatives related to the policy, innovation, and societal aspects of the energy transition and climate change mitigation/adaptation, particularly the just transition principles, gender mainstreaming and women empowerment, sustainable cities, and citizen-driven innovation. Within that framework, she has also founded the policy consultancy The Energy Matrix, collaborating with institutions like the European Commission, the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), civil society, social entrepreneurship, non-profit/non-governmental organisations and the private sector.

Born and raised in Greece, she lived in France, Belgium, and Azerbaijan, and is currently based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Environment & Sustainability