Noa Barak
Researcher, Editor and Co-Founder at The Whistle

Noa Barak is a researcher, editor and co-founder of The Whistle, Israel’s first and only fact-checking organization, founded in 2016 (integrated into Globes daily business newspaper since 2019). She led the development of The Whistle’s format, professional practices and ethical code and is currently serving as Director of Development. She holds a BA in Middle Eastern studies and Humanities and is currently pursuing her Master’s in history, researching the policies of the Israel State Archive and its influence on the formation of historical knowledge in Israel.

In her many years in the frontlines of disinformation in Israel daily confronting its ever-growing challenges, and as a member of the global fact-checking community, Noa understands firsthand the pressing need for different actors and stakeholders across society to join hands in the battle against disinformation.

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