Kirsten Rulf
Visiting Fellow

Kirsten Rulf joined IPPI as a Visiting Fellow working with the Israeli Civil Service Commission at the Prime Minister’s Office in October 2018. Since graduating with her master’s of public policy degree from the Harvard Kennedy School in 2017, Kirsten has been working as an Artificial Intelligence and Ethics Fellow at the Harvard Law School and has simultaneously co-founded and led a new research center for strategy and policymaking around Autonomous Vehicles at Harvard University. The center is a result of the work in her master thesis, which uses a novel approach of utilizing machine learning to fill voids in the autonomous vehicles policymaking process. Together with her colleagues, Kirsten consults to city, state, and federal governments around the world on how to implement autonomous vehicles in an equitable way. At the same time, she has researched and published widely on ethical Artificial Intelligence, including a book publication on compliance systems for AI and Machine Learning.

Prior to her career at Harvard, Kirsten was a TV journalist and has 10 years of live-on-air experience as a business and technology correspondent for the BBC and for Germany’s biggest TV broadcaster ARD and their flagship program Tagesschau. She has reported from the EU institutions in Brussels, from China, from the U.S., and from Israel. In the past year, she has published in large English and German newspapers, including Israeli newspaper Haaretz, as well as on the academic Harvard blog.

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