Karni Chagal-Feferkorn

Karni Chagal-Feferkorn’s research at the AI + Society Initiative examines different aspects of the intersection between artificial intelligence (AI) and the law, including legal liability for AI-induced damages, admissibility of AI evidence in courts, and the educational challenge of teaching lawyers and programmers to work jointly in order to design more ethical AI systems.

Karni Chagal-Feferkorn pursued her PhD at the University of Haifa (Israel), where she also obtained her LL.B. degree in Law and her B.A. in Economics. She holds an LL.M. in Law, Science and Technology from Stanford University, and is a licensed attorney in Israel, California and New York. Among her passions is teaching, and she has previously taught courses on AI, ethics & the law; Intellectual Property; Property Law; Tort Law; and Constitutional Law.

In addition to academic research, Karni Chagal-Feferkorn is one of the founding partners of a consultancy firm that specializes in comparative research pertaining to law and regulation, and conducts research for governments, law firms and companies on various regulatory matters, including technology in general and AI in specific. She also advises an Israeli start-up focused on automating the drafting of complex legal documents.

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