Alexander Görlach

Dr. Alexander Görlach is a Senior Fellow at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs in New York and a Research Associate at the Oxford University Internet Institute where he works on the intersection of technology and democracy. He served in various positions at both, Harvard University in the US, and Cambridge University in the UK. In the academic year 2017-18 he was a visiting scholar to Taipei National University and City University Hong Kong where he studied the effects of autocratic China on democracies in East Asia. Alex holds PhDs in comparative religion and in linguistics. He teaches democratic theory and theories of secularism, pluralism and cosmopolitanism at Leuphana University, Germany, and the University of Vienna. His recent publication include “Homo Empathicus: On Scapegoats, Populists & Saving Democracy” (Brookings Press, 2021) and (in German):“Focus Hongkong: Why The Future of The Free World Will be Decided in China (Hoffmann & Campe, 2020).

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